Thurston Avenue Bridge

Thurston Bridge from far away

The Thurston Avenue Bridge, the shortest way to and from north campus, is currently closed for construction. According to, the project costs about $10 million dollars. You can see the manufacturing of the arches at a separate location. The purpose of the rehabilitation is to maintain the bridge properly and support an increase in traffic. From the “City of Ithaca” website: “Traffic counts taken in 2005 indicate that approximately 8,500 vehicles travel across the bridge on a daily basis. At the evening rush hour, about 1020 vehicles, 950 pedestrians and 60 bicyclists cross the bridge in an hour. Even higher pedestrian and bicycle counts occur in the morning.”

Because of the closure, students have to go over the Beebe Lake/Triphammer footbridge to travel. It isn’t that much more of a walk, but when you are late, those few minutes matter. The closure also disrupts TCAT bus routes and makes driving around campus much more difficult. The bridge is closed for a scheduled 3 weeks now and should open again on September 29th, but overall construction won’t be completed until October 31, 2007. During this time the bridge will alternate between half-closure and complete closure.

North Foundation Workers on Thurston Bridge
North foundation Workers on one arch

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  1. jane said

    It’s good to know that they’re renovating this bridge. This is the only easiest access to the other part of the campus.

    jane here of click here

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